четверг, 21 февраля 2008 г.

99 Problems

Blogs - an easy way to keep in touch with people.

In the era of communications people keep looking for new convenient and
inexpensive ways to keep in touch with each other.That is were blogs come
in handy.Blogging is the newest internet communication method,and yet there
are already huge community of bloggers.As far as I am concerned the blogs
are so popular because they are convenient,casual friendly and they also
help make friends and share opinions.
What comes to me, I'm subscribed to a certain number of authors whose blogs
I regulary attend.Mainly because they share my interests or just because
they are funny to read.I even made a blog myself for my fellow bloggers to
read and for my own personal amusement.
Although some people might never feel attached to this community.Either
because they don't like the blogs themselves or if they prefer not to give
out their opinions to the public.I feel perfectly calm with that sort of
people because you can like or dislike blogs, neither option matters
because the blogs are already became what they are now..the biggest
community of the internet.

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