четверг, 21 февраля 2008 г.

Is it wasting of time surfing the networks?

Nowadays people use the internet so much that they can’t imagine life without it. What would you do if somebody told you, that you can’t send e-mail letters, download music, share videos, or just read the news in the internet anymore? Could you cope with it?
If you ask me, I could think of more minuses then pluses about the internet. Basically, because of the biggest problem – wasted time and health. Internet is supposed to help save it, not the opposite! Blogs, internet societies, social networks – you get glued to them, they become a part of your life. People are al l joined in a big piece of wires. At first fought that’s more a plus then a minus, because all of a sudden you don’t feel lonely anymore. But even thought you talk to different people everyday, you are still alone at your seat back home. Internet cannot replace a friend.
I read lots of stories, where families brake up because they lost common ground. Just imagine how every member of the family is doing its own things. The kids and parents are watching TV in separate rooms. Teenagers are sitting in there computer, impairing there vision. What similar interests can this family have? They don’t communicate at all. And I haven’t yet mentioned the awful sites that could be harmful for the immature minds.
People get bored with there lives. Computers act a certain role in our negative
Another thing, that I would like to point out are rumors in the internet. There are a lot of sites that contain “facts” that are simply not true. Big messier of people with different thoughts, that can do practically what ever they want, caused it to become a tangle of small and little lies, falls information.
However, there are good things about this big source. For instance studying. As I said, it’s a big source of information, where, choosing what is really helpful and throwing garbage away, you can find lots of great stuff. You can read books online, do additional study, or simply get the latest music and films. Internet encyclopedias are very useful too. Its much faster then listing a book. Its also cheap, which makes it easier to stay in touch with friends.
Progress was always a good thing, and I’m convinced that it could never be bad. But I definitely think, that people should spend more time in the nature.

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