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About me. Inga

Hello! My name is Inga Arefjeva. I`m 14 years old.
I live in Estonia, Tallinn. I study in the 8 grade.
I like walking with my friends,reading books,
listening my favourite music, travelling and surfing the net.
My favourite subject in school is English.
And also i study it in Down Town.In my opinion,
it is very useful and important language
and so a chose this project.
I think it is really good chance to be better in English.

Listening to the presentation. Task 2

Listen to the presentation and make up 5 questions based on it.

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Blogs and communication

Maria Dvorak
Regina Albogatsijeva
Inga Arefjeva

Our motto:"We won't rest until we're the best".

Learning video

About Polina

My name is Polina Mihhailova. I live in Estonia, Tallinn. I`m 15 years old, my birthday is in January.
I go to a Russian Lyceum in Tallinn. I’m studying in the 8th grade. I also go to a hip-hop school “Street ballet”. I love dancing.
I attend courses, where I`m learning, how to comunicate with kids. I need to look after kids, and play with them in summer camp.
I love learning Russian, English, Estonian and Mathematics.

About me. Igor

Hi! My name is Igor Jarosh and I am 14 years old! I live in Tallinn Estonia! I am studying in Russian Lyceum in Tallinn! I have not so many hobbies......one of them is Cybersport! I like surfing the net! There I can meet new friends , furthermore I can find more interesting information about school and other! I use internet very often , it is my big assistant and life without it is too hard to me !

About me.Regina

Hello. My name is Regina Albogatsijeva. I`m 14 years old.I`m study 8 grade. I like to do sports and I like to spend free time with my friends and my family. I like surfing the net. I like traveling too. A mounth ago I was in Egypt. I like animals. I want learn more about computers. And I would like to know all language.It`s bit difficult,but I think I can do it.

About me. Dan

My name is Daniil...or Dan. I`m 14 years old. I live in Estonia, Tallinn. I have different hobbies. I’m very big wrestling fan, that is why I know English so good. I like interesting films and books, like meeting interesting people. Internet is part of my life, and I can’t live without it. What about this project? In my opinion this is chance to learn something new.

About me. Maria

Hello! My name is Maria Dvorak.
I 'm 14 years old. I study in the 8 grade. And I like walking with my friends, listening to my favourite music, travelling and surfing the net. I interested in computers, so I want to know more and more every day.
I used to the net, and life without the net would be boring. My favourite subject in school is English. It is very useful and interesting for me. I think this project is a perfect chance to be better in English and computers.

About me. Kristina

Hi!My name is Kristina Zatsepilova and Im 15 years old.I live in Tallinn ,Estonia.Im studying in Tallinna Linnamae Russian Lyceum in 8 form .

I have lots of hobbies.On the one side I really love music and dancing.Thats my main hobbies.On the other side I like to surf the internet.This thing is very deceptive.There are many of spam and poor-quality advertising and thats not good.But exept that Im serfing the net every day:)

What about this project, I think it is a good chance to know and to learn smt new .

About myself.Vlad

My name is Vladimir Adaritchev.Im 15 years old.Im a student attending 8 grade.I am pretty much a lazy person but when it comes to responsibility and work.I change from lazy to active.My hobby...well I dont have it because i have to much work on my hands and theres no time for it.My lifestyle:I like to hang out with my friends,playing football, playing computer games but my favourite is surfing the net.My favourite site is youtube its a video sharering site where you can exchange videos with other users to gain popularity and suscribers

Congratulations, introducing

The first task is introducing.  Would you tell us something about yourself, your hobby, your lifestyle, your preferences in the net etc.

Invent the name of the team , a logo and a slogan .

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Social Services Web 2.0

Понятия, обозначенные в названии этого блога, появились сравнительно недавно!

Web 2.0

Social networking

Social Web Services



Что скрывается за этими названиями? На эти вопросы предстоит ответить участникам нашего проекта, ученикам 8-го класса.

Это интегрированный учебный проект по двум школьным предметам: информатика и английский язык!

Руководители исследовательского проекта:

учитель информатики Викульцева Галина Петровна,
учитель английского языка Олейник Светлана Александровна
замдиректора по развитию лицея
Рождественская Людмила Викторовна.

Good luck!